If you’d like to leave a message for Ishan Nath or the Darien District 61 Foundation, you can do it here.  We’ll post your comment here and make sure it gets to the right person.

  5 Responses to “Leave a Message for Ishan”

  1. Congratulations, Ishan!

  2. Ishan,

    I’m so proud of you! You’ve grown up beautifully in spirit, mind, and body. The respect you give to others has served you well. Continue your love of learning. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Wishing you the best,
    Colleen Becker

  3. Ishan:

    You continue to impress me. I am so proud of all your accomplishments. I am equally impressed by the outstanding young man you have become. I wish you all the best and know you will continue to be a “difference maker.”

    Marty Casey

  4. Ishan,

    My class really enjoyed learning about you. The asked every day if we could talk about Ishan. Congratulations on your success!

    Mrs. Nyhoff

  5. Ishan,

    You have accomplished so much. I am so proud of you. I am honored to have been one of your teachers. I love your message about the way people should treat others. I talk to my students a lot about that. I am glad that you now know all of your continents! Go, Nerds!!!!
    Janice Brooks