Jose Moreno – Making the Most of Life’s Opportunities

March, 2015  Darien District 61 Educational Foundation is proud to announce the second recipient of its annual “Great Starts in District 61” recognition award, Mr. Jose Moreno.

Now 19, Moreno attended kindergarten at Mark DeLay Elementary School. He spent his entire K-8 career in District 61 schools, graduating from eighth grade at Eisenhower Junior High. Moreno is currently studying electrical engineering and pursuing a double minor in entrepreneurship and computer science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Moreno was able to enter college as a second-semester sophomore and credits this achievement in part to the education he received in District 61 that allowed him to take two years’ worth of advanced placement courses in high school.

Moreno fondly recounts memories of his time in District 61.  He recalls learning group dynamics while building a house made of newspaper in his Discovery enrichment class.  With three days to complete the project, and two of those days spent arguing over direction, the group overcame the hardest part–just getting started–by simply beginning to roll the newspaper tubes they would need in construction.  Once started, the rest of the project progressed successfully.  Moreno uses the lessons learned during this project in his team-centered engineering projects at college today.

After college, Moreno wants to work in the aerospace field because he feels like “humanity is on the verge of entering a new space age” and he wants to be a part of that excitement. He has his sights on eventually establishing his own company after gaining experience in the corporate environment.

When he’s not studying, Jose enjoys playing soccer at the gym and plays in a band he formed with other students who hail from all parts of the world: a drummer from England, a guitar player from Brazil and a singer from Russia.  The band is called Tower Six (View the Tower Six Facebook page for more information).

The Darien District 61 Educational Foundation is honored to recognize Jose Moreno as the 2015 Great Starts in District 61 honoree and the exciting path he’s taken since moving on from District 61 schools.  We look forward to watching him grow in pursuit of his goals.

Click here to watch his videos and read “A conversation with Jose”