Eisenhower Junior High, Lace School awarded grants

August 2019 The Darien District 61 Educational Foundation has awarded two annual grants, one to Eisenhower Junior High and another to Lace School.

EJH will receive $2,327 to purchase additional gym equipment for the school’s fitness room, to help promote workouts and wellness as part of the school’s curriculum. Based on assessments made in the fall, students will have a benchmark fitness level and will be evaluated again in the spring to measure their fitness progress.

Lace will receive $2,349 to buy a complete programmable robotics kit. By assembling the parts and using a free programming site called Scratch, students will collaborate to build robots for two special projects, which will promote concepts in a variety of subjects, including science, engineering, art and English. Read more about grants awarded

Krzysztof Bzdyk named Foundation’s “Great Starts in District 61” honoree for 2019

May 2019 The Darien District 61 Educational Foundation is proud to announce that Krzysztof Bzdyk is the winner of this year’s “Great Starts in District 61” recognition award. Krzysztof attended District 61 schools from K-8, graduating from Eisenhower Junior High in 2009.
     He graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Louis University with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. While in college, he helped launch two satellites. His master’s project consisted of building a thermal vacuum chamber, which is used for testing satellites in a space-like environment.
     Currently, Krzysztof works at NASA as a propulsion engineer for Orion, similar to the Apollo spacecraft, only larger. The new spacecraft is designed to take people to the moon and back and eventually to Mars. In September, Krzysztof will be starting a Ph.D. program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.” Read more about Krzysztof

Matt Mayberry receives “Great Starts in District 61” award for 2018

April 2018  The Foundation congratulates Matt Mayberry, the recipient of this year’s “Great Starts in District 61” award. Matt is a highly successful motivational speaker and author. But that wasn’t his original goal. The accomplished athlete was signed by the Chicago Bears after his college years at Indiana University. But an injury during the first pre-season game ended his career and changed his life. “The relationships and guidance that I received from my teachers and coaches were special to me,” he says about his years in District 61. “They helped me tremendously in my development as a young man and set me up for success down the road.”  Read more about Matt