About the Program

The Darien District 61 Educational Foundation’s “Great Starts in District 61” program was created in 2014 to recognize former students of District 61 who are on exciting paths of learning, service, employment and/or adventure in their lives.

“Great Starts” is not a traditional “Hall of Fame” designed to only recognize former students after years of racking up impressive accomplishments and contributions to society. Rather, it’s designed to also celebrate former students currently pursuing/exploring exciting directions early in their lives having had a “Great Start” in District 61. The Foundation recognizes their “Great Starts” in life and we look forward to their accomplishments yet to come.

The Foundation champions District 61’s specific brand of K-8 education. We recognize the unforgettable impact that being welcomed by your kindergarten teacher into your classroom on that very first day of school can have on a person. Ditto that day in third grade when your teacher hooked up your classroom via the Internet to chat with virtual pen pals in a foreign classroom halfway around the world. Such experiences, at all grade levels in District 61, are provided by memorable teachers and staff.  Forward-thinking educators are the heroes.